University of Surabaya

University of Surabaya

60184 Jl. Ngangel Jaya Selatan 169 Surabaya View map





Ubaya is long positioned to be one of the leading private universities in Indonesia and Asia-Pacific region. All academic programs are accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Indonesia as a sole accrediting body for institutions of higher learning in Indonesia. Almost all the programs have achieved the highest rank possible, making the university one of the leading private universities in the country and Asia-Pacific Region. Ubaya enjoys strong international exposure through active international programs demonstrated by total of hundreds of foreign students and academicians regularly visit Ubaya to study and deliver lectures for short or long period. The university educates 12,000 students from 7 different faculties with 20 study programs. It has three campuses that stand on 50 hectare land.
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