University of Salamanca

University of Salamanca

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The University of Salamanca was created in 1218 by Alfonso IX of León; he wanted to imitate the recently created universities of Bologna, Paris, Montpellier and Oxford.
Today, the university is famous in Spain and world-wide. It has about 2,100 teachers and more than 30,000 students. Its relationship with foreign universities, other institutions, public and private enterprises and companies is very important.
The University of Salamanca has a great tradition in training specialists and teachers who work for the university in order to keep the teaching quality as high as possible and also to revitalize its courses. The university strives to unify the European and American cultures.
“The main objective of the university is defined by its focus on the creation of knowledge for the service of humanity”. This implies, we have to emphasize scientific creativity and culture and constantly innovate.
The university has a wide range of libraries, PhD’s, Masters, and specialized courses thatMORE
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