University of Peradeniya

University of Peradeniya

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The University ofPeradeniya located 110km from Colombo was established in Colombo on 1st July1942,  moved to Peradeniya in 1952. Thehistory of its evolution as the oldest and the largest university in thecountry passed through the following stages: University ofCeylon (1942 – 1952), University of Ceylon, Peradeniya (1952 – 1972), Universityof Sri Lanka, Peradeniya Campus (1972 -1978) , University of Peradeniya (Since1978).

The University currentlycomprises of  nine faculties; namely facultiesof Agriculture, Allied Health Sciences, Arts, Dental Sciences, Engineering,Management, Medicine, Science and Veterinary Medicine & Animal Sciences, andfour postgraduate institutes; namely Postgraduate Institutes of, Agriculture(PGIA), Humanities and Social Sciences (PGIHS) and Science (PGIS) and PostgraduateSchool of Medicine (PGSM).  We have over12,500 undergraduates and around 8,500 postgraduate students (around 1150 in respectivefaculties and around 7350 in postgraduate


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