University of New York in Prague

University of New York in Prague

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Since 1998, The University of New York in Prague (UNYP) has been offering the best in English language programs in Central Europe. UNYP is the largest and leading English language higher education institution in the Czech Republic.

As the only university in the Czech Republic which offers both an accredited American Diploma and an accredited European Diploma for undergraduate study, UNYP is the best destination for any international student. For graduate students, UNYP offers internationally recognized diplomas from American and British universities.

Currently, more than 800 students from more than 60 countries study at UNYP. Lecturers come from the United States, EU and the Czech Republic (more than 30 countries in all), and bring with them both academic and professional backgrounds. This makes UNYP multicultural and offers a truly international environment for every single student.

UNYP provides challenging, accredited programs offered in a beautiful city in the heart of Europe by


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