University of Murcia

University of Murcia

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Although its origins date back to the thirteenth century, the University of Murcia as we know it was founded in 1915, which makes it the tenth oldest university in Spain. As the University of Murcia approaches its centenary it is complementing its history and tradition with the latest installations. Its complete approach to education involves the students and commits them to their social environment. The majority of the University’s facilities and buildings are spread over two campuses: the older is La Merced, situated in the town centre, and the larger is Espinardo, just 5 km to the north of Murcia. A third campus for Medical and Health Studies is currently being built next to the suburban area known as Ciudad Sanitaria Virgen de la Arrixaca, 5 km south of the city. The University of Murcia is an institution devoted to providing higher education to the public. Among its main objectives are the creation, development and research into science, technology and culture through study andMORE
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