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The University of Évora was founded in 1559 and for two centuries it distinguished itself for its role in the education of the elites and the missionaries of the kingdom. Restored as a public University in 1973, it is aimed at meeting the new requirements of society. It is particularly devoted to the education of human resources who want to achieve a higher position by merit and good service to the community. The University of Évora has established itself through the high quality of its teaching, associated with perennial values such as mutual respect, desire for knowledge, intellectual honesty and freedom of thought.

Our students come from all over Portugal and from foreign countries. In the University of Évora, they find a rare and precious combination of high-quality teaching, advanced research and a favourable business/industrial context. All this is mixed with a good human and affective environment, where it is easy to make friends and enjoy an intense cultural life, where


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