University of Brescia

University of Brescia

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The University of Brescia offers a wide range of educational programmes, with Bachelor and Master of Science(MSc) degrees, postgraduate technical courses, specialisation schools and Ph.D. programmes in most areas:business and economics, engineering and technology, law, medicine and surgery, dentistry. The University ofBrescia is an important university in a city of art and culture (recognized by UNESCO) with an excellent quality oflife, in one of the most important industrial and productive regions in Italy. The University of Brescia provides highquality services to its students, including international students, including: counselling services, scholarships,grants, tutoring, computer and multimedia rooms, wireless zones, libraries, on-line services, laboratoriesand centres of advanced scientific research. Moreover, it offers: accommodation services, dining halls, culturalactivities and sports facilities, Italian language courses for foreign students.
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