Université Pierre Mendès France – Grenoble 2

Université Pierre Mendès France – Grenoble 2

38400 151, rue des universités Grenoble View map






The university Pierre Mendès France welcomes each year over 19000 students: 10000 in the undergraduate level, 7 000 in graduate level and 2000 in doctorate studies. In order to better prepare the students to enter the corporate world, the university opens the body of its formations on the international exchanges, reinforces its partnership with the economic and social environment, and attaches itself to improve the quality of its teachings and of its research.
The University is characterized by the diversity of its programs. All the programs are in line with the wake of thoughts and the actions of a man, Pierre Mendès France who marked the political history of France. At last, the University is situated in an exceptional environment, alongside the other universities (Joseph Fourier, Stendhal, INPG), that form the body “Grenoble Universities?.
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