Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

69008 1C avenue des Frères Lumière Lyon View map






Each year, Lyon 3 welcomes at the heart of the city 26.000 students and has, as priority objective, to offer to them high quality education and a social life that will further their personal growth. On one hand this is done through the following methods: a constant follow-up of the student performance, a personalized counselling program, tutorial and help desk that assists students with difficulties and a career service that provides informations available to students. Excellent supervision and services is offered in order to ensure personal enrichment of its students from the start of their academic courses till their professional life. On the other hand, this objective is further accomplished through its partnerships and the exchanges with 350 foreign universities on 5 continents. This gives students the opportunity to study abroad in various countries around the world. It gives our students an international training that will be most valuable especially once they start their


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