Université du Québec

Université du Québec

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The Université du Québec The Université du Québec admits more than 85,000 students each year. It offers more than 500 programs, of which 300 are bachelor of arts, masters and doctoral programs. It is composed of nine establishments spread out over the vast territory of Quebec. The Université du Québec gives you the choice of studying in a metropolitan, urban university, in a semi-urban setting or in one the regions bordering the great wilderness country of Quebec. It gives you the choice of studying in a research institute, specialized school or a small-, medium- or large-sized university campus?because the Université du Québec is all of the above. more than 86,000 students; more than 5,800 teachers and other instructors; more than 550 study programs at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels; more than 378,000 diplomas granted since its founding; more than $190 million CAD in subsidies and research contracts; several coop programs allowing exchanges with other universitiesMORE
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