Université de Monastir

Université de Monastir

Avenue Taher Hadded B.P 56 Monastir 5000 Tunisie Monastir View map





The University of Monastir (UM) is a public institution of higher education. It was founded in 2004 (according to “décret n° 2102 de l’année 2004″.The UM is home to 21000students, 2108 academic lecturers, and 1000 administrative and support staff. The University of Monastir offers many programs from a wide range of subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The main activities of UM are related to higher education learning and research in many fields. It counts about 52 research structures, research and 4 doctoral schools which carry out high research quality. The UM includes 1000 students preparing their PhD research in a wide range of specialties: Pharmaceutical, fundamental Sciences and Engineering. The UM is a member of international networks and associations; it is involved in a many national and international projects such as CMCU, INSERM, TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, ERASMUS PLUS. The UM has taken part in numerous and successful transnational partnership. This openness toMORE
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