Université de Gabès

Université de Gabès





The University of Gabes as a real mutation in the South East District.

Since its creation in 2003 and though it is recent,the University of Gabes has continued to contribute to the consolidation of scientific research and to the diversification of specialties and training systems for the benefit of the student , also for the socio-economic development of the South East district.During the academic year 2012-2013, the University contains 15 institutions attended by about 22,437 students, including 5,508 new registrants supervised by 1687 teachers.Training in the University of Gabes wittnesses a remarkable evolution. In fact, it was restricted to three trainings at the National School of Engineers of Gabes since 1975, today , the scientific research is experiencing a rather reassuring progression since 13 units were set up in various areas such as: Arts and Crafts, the Economy, and the New Technologies… Also there are two research laboratories and four units of Common research services.


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