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The Administration of the University of Algiers (The President’s Office, the Deputy_President’s Offices, the Calculus Centre ), and the University Library are located in downtown Algiers, at 2 Rue Didouche Mourad, on a site commonly called « La Faculté Centrale », in which the major part of this University’s teaching used to be concentrated.
In the Algerian society, which is undergoing great mutations, the University of Algiers is the backbone of the country’s development. It trains civil servants, teachers, cadres and researchers to meet the needs of all the activity sectors. It enshrines the development of values and constitutes a major asset involving experience, expertise, and research. The University of Algiers, the first Algerian University ( the alma mater) was established in 1909 (under the Law of 3O December, 1909). This creation was however the result of a series of stages in academic activity, marked in particular by the Law of 1879 establishing four specialized schools:MORE
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