Université Bordeaux 3, Michel de Montaigne

Université Bordeaux 3, Michel de Montaigne

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History The University Bordeaux 3 was created in 1971 following the division in three of the former University of Bordeaux whose origins date back to 1441. The project to relocate the faculty of letters, cramped in the current building Pasteur ( the current Museum of Aquitaine), was accepted from the 1960s the move took place between 1966 and 1971 and ended with the current University of the foundation, now located on the Pessac campus. the buildings initial plan (33 000 m²) proved insufficient fairly quickly, given the increasing number of students, where a series of additions, which must be added the construction of specialized research centers (Humanities d Aquitaine in 1974, House of Arts in 1994); this does not prevent the University from being considered “saturated” since the 1990s, resulting in a new series of works. Meanwhile, the university has become more open to foreign through many university agreements and organized its publishing activity with the founding in 1983 of


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