Universidade Federal Fluminense

Universidade Federal Fluminense

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 The Federal Fluminense University was created in 1960 with the Federal University name of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UFERJ). After being nationalized and incorporated this union was renamed Universidade Federal Fluminense. The mission of UFF is to produce, disseminate and apply knowledge and culture critically and socially relevant. The institution has academic units in eight municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Today, the UFF consists of 40  teaching units and 23 institutes, 10 faculties, 6 schools and 1 college application. Altogether there are 124  Departments of Education, 129 face Degree and6 Graduate Distance learning courses offered in 28 Polos the Open University of Brazil , inpartnership with the CEDERJ-RJ. In Postgraduate stricto sensu are 80 Postgraduate programs and 119 courses, with 42 PhD, 59 Masters and


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