Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

Av. Joao Naves de Avila 2121, Uberlandia - MG, BR Uberlandia - MG View map





The Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU) is a foundation of higher education, linked to the Indirect Public Administration, with corporate entity and of private law. The UFU aims to promote undergraduate and graduate education, delivering to society citizens socio-economic-environmentally minded, able to discuss the actual historic moment and to effectively contribute to the improvement of social and technological demand of the society.

The constitution of the Knowledge goes through lots of things, by observation, researching, experimentation. These activities get stronger with a perspective of a future where it can count with the formation of more conscientious, creative and critic professionals, capable to stand up against uncertain and risks, looking after the common wealth. 

For more than four decades, UFU built and consolidated adequate structures for its activities, part of them distributed throughout seven campuses.

The University has 28 schools and institutes of three


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