Universidade de Ribeirão Preto

Universidade de Ribeirão Preto

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Founded in 1924 and accredited as a University in 1985, UNAERP is the first institution of higher education in the region of Ribeirão Preto. It has campuses in Ribeirão Preto and Guarujá cities being local as well as regional references for the quality of its undergraduate courses, Master and PhD programs, besides over 50 postgraduate courses. Also reference in to service to the population at both campuses, UNAERP’s Network of Community Service conducts approximately 500 thousand annual services in health, legal assistance, education, environment, social assistance, communications, culture and sports. Electro Bonini Hospital, a major health service to citizens, serves 100 thousand inhabitants of the East District of Ribeirão Preto. In the research sector, the University carries out investments aimed at producing new knowledge along with products to the enhancement of life quality and moreover sustainable socio-economic development. These are initiatives which focus on excellence of


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