Universidad para la Cooperacion Internacional (UCI)

Universidad para la Cooperacion Internacional (UCI)

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Training leaders for sustainable development ORIGINS The University for International Cooperation- UCI- was founded on 1994 by an academic outstanding group as an answer of the necessity to have professionals trained to face effectiveness today´s multidisciplinary business activities, with knowledge, tools and values to lead the required processes of change, under the concepts of sustainability and globalization. The UCI´s action extends to all Latin America as an answer to the commitment assumed with the peace processes, social solidarity and environmental through the cooperation. That allows to reach a recognized national and international prestige, as much by his academic trajectory as by his technical assistance to the countries. Its ample expertise leading training and educational processes, as much of direct way as through strategic alliances, allows it to generate opportune answers to specific necessities of training in different countries and organizations. ACADEMIC ANDMORE
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