Universidad Nacional de Misiones

Universidad Nacional de Misiones



Founded in 1973, theUniversidad Nacional de Misiones is located across three cities in Argentina:Posadas, Obera and Eldorado. The six faculties of the university aredistributed across these three cities.


In Posadas, you can find theFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Exact, Chemical andNatural Sciences, and the Faculty of Economic Sciences. The School of Nursingcan also be found in Posadas. Obera is home to the Faculty of Engineering andthe Faculty of Art and Design, and Eldorado holds the Faculty of ForestrySciences (and the Agrotechnical School).


The university is home to over25,000 students, including many foreign students due to campuses being locatednear the borders of Paraguay (Posadas and Eldorado) and Brazil (Obera). It hasa publishing house and a radio station, LRH301 FM Universidad Nacional deMisiones. 

Students can also participatein projects alongside their studies based on bettering the growth of thecountry and the university.


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