Universidad Nacional de la Pampa

Universidad Nacional de la Pampa



The Universidad Nacional de laPampa is a public Argentinian university located in the city of Santa Rosa,capital of La Pampa Province, founded in 1958.


It has six teaching faculties:Economics and Law, Agronomy, Exact and Natural Sciences, Human Sciences,Veterinary Sciences, and Engineering.


Santa Rosa is a small city inArgentina, with around 100,000 inhabitants. In fact, it is one of the smallestprovincial capitals of the country. Sights to see in the city include the Fitteneighbourhood, the monument to San Martín, the Palace of Justice, the TeatroEspañol Theatre, the Provincial Art Museum (with paintings by Raúl Soldi, AntonioBerni, Quinquela Martín and other important Argentine painters) and theProvincial Natural History Museum.

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