Universidad Galileo

Universidad Galileo

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Galileo University (UG) is the first highereducation institution with a technological approach in Guatemala. As such, UGaims at promoting research and study in sciences as well as at the developmentand application of new technologies to solve national problems. Authorized onOctober 31st of 2000, UG has been a pioneer in the field of computer sciencesand electronics in Guatemala. With more than 15 years of experience in Technology-EnhancedLearning is a reference for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) inthe region. With many national and international projects with the specialfocus on e-Health, e-Education and e-Inclusion, the main activities are lookingforward for the clear motto “To educate is to change visions and transformlives” (Eduardo Suger, Ph.D. Galileo University’s president and founder).

As a leader in the country, UG is part of theNational System of Science and Technology, leading the ICT and ResearchInfrastructure thematic fields as a National Contact Point (


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