Universidad Diego Portales (UDP)

Universidad Diego Portales (UDP)

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Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) is one of the oldest private universities in Chile. UDP currently has a staff of over 1,400 academics, 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students, and an infrastructure of more than 100,000 sq meters that houses its ten faculties and the central library. Since its foundation in 1982, the university has consistently been contributing with the implementation of social policies towards Chilean development, which has led UDP to be positioned as one of the best universities in the country. The UDP academic community meets the highest standards and maintains close links with the Chilean society, ensuring full respect for pluralism and independence of opinion among its members and promoting top quality teaching and research; an informed, thoughtful, respectful and pluralistic dialogue, and a strong commitment to Chilean development, as well as maintaining efficient and transparent institutional arrangements. After more than three decades of activity, UDP


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