Universidad del Bio-Bio

Universidad del Bio-Bio

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University of Bío-Bío (Universidad del Bío-Bío) is a university in Chile. It is part of the Chilean Traditional Universities.

The University of Bío-Bío is the heir of the tradition of public higher education in the Bío Bío Region. Its roots go back to the creation of the Technical University of the State (TUS) on April 9, 1947, and to the Ñuble Campus of the University of Chile. Then the Concepción Campus of the TUS and the campus from Chillán, derived in the Bío Bío University and the Chillán Professional Institute, originating what today is called the UBB.

With offices in Concepción and Chillán, its mission is to generate, apply and communicate the knowledge in sciences, technology, arts and humanities, forming competent, integral and reflexive professionals to answer the regional and national needs, to serve society with excellence and quality.

It offers 35 undergraduate degrees and two bachelor programs, with over 10.000 students and almost 70 percent of its professors hold masters


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