Universidad de Colima

Universidad de Colima

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The University of Colima is a public institution that prepares high-school students, professionals and scientists and provides them with the creative, innovative and humanistic tools that are needed to be highly competitive and to commit to the harmonious development of society in the national and international context. UCOL has an academic population of 26640 students and 1956 professors. It offers 66 undergraduate programs and 40 graduate programs. It has a quality assurance system and 43 management processes has been internationally quality certified. We have signed 218 agreements aimed at international cooperation, of which 86 are in the field of libraries and 132 in areas of cooperation for academic mobility, research and teaching in more than 38 countries. Our visiting students and professors come from 27 countries, 25% of our teachers have gained international experience after completing graduate studies at prestigious international universities. The Academic-collaboration hasMORE
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