Universidad de Cienfuegos

Universidad de Cienfuegos

55430 Carretera a Rodas km 3 ½, Cuatro Caminos, Cienfuegos, Cienfuegos, Cuba Cienfuegos View map





Situated in the city of Cienfuegos, Cuba. Its central establishment is based on 16 hectares which hosts the faculties of Engineering, Economic and Enterprise Sciences, Social Sciences and Agrarian Sciences. Sixteen careers and thirty academic postgraduate programs are sustained on those profiles. Since 1979, the University has graduated 11028 professionals with a high level of competence and a good evaluation by the enterprise sector. The faculty consists of 432 full time professors. Comprised of 4 research centers and several University campuses based at 7 municipalities. Those campuses impact on the innovation and knowledge management addressed to the local development, as well as in the community work in rural settlements, particularly in the mountain and coastal regions. Between the most impacted technologies in the enterprise sector is the performance of the Total Energetic Efficiency System in 1100 countrywide enterprises. The university provides a human capital managementMORE
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