Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy

Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy

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Named after the former US President John F. Kennedy, the Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy was founded in 1964. Over the last 55 years, it’s grown to incorporate 18 units in the city of Buenos Aires, with an additional two sites located in the city’s provinces. Over 20,000 students are currently enrolled at the city.

The university offers teaching in an extensive range of subjects. Graduate degrees available for students include the following:

  • Doctorate in Law
  • Doctorate in Social Psychology
  • Major in Criminal Sciences
  • Major in Clinical Psychology
  • Major in Orthodontics
  • Master in Psychoanalysis

Famous for its popular tourist attractions and famous football teams, Buenos Aires is one of the most fascinating cities around the world to study in. Home to an extensive range of cultures and religions, the city is one of the most diverse in Latin America. Students can expect to hear a large range of languages being spoken in addition to Spanish.

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