Universidad Alberto Hurtado

Universidad Alberto Hurtado

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The Alberto Hurtado University is a public and non-profit university that offers the country an educational project based on the 486-year-old Jesuit tradition and legacy. Founded on October 20, 1997 by the Society of Jesus, it is part of a network of 200 Jesuit higher education institutions, present in 65 countries around the world. The university joins the tradition of training upright professionals, under academic rigor and a creative spirit. It owes its name to the Chilean saint, the Jesuit priest, lawyer and doctor of education, Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga, with the purpose of perpetuating his spirit in academic and university activities.

The Alberto Hurtado University has its foundations in the trajectory of the Latin American Institute of Social Studies (ILADES), which since 1965 was a center for reflection and education of high-level postgraduates in Latin America and the intellectual and critical spirit of the Research and Development Center of Education (CIDE), with more than 50 years contributing to the country’s public policies; in addition to the investigation of the Bellarmino Center.

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