The University of Tokushima

The University of Tokushima

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The Tokushima University has five undergraduate Faculties — Integrated Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Engineering. The Graduate School comprises the Schools of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Medical Sciences, Oral Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nutrition and Bioscience, Health Sciences, and Advanced Technology and Science, as well as three Institutes, Socio-Arts and Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, and Technology and Science. There is also a University Hospital. University Libraries are located on both the Kuramoto and Josanjima Campuses. The university also has 16 joint education and research facilities including the Center for University Extension, the Center for Administration of Information Technology and the International Center on the Josanjima Campus, the International Center and the Institute for Enzyme Research and the Institute for Genome Research on the Kuramoto Campus.

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