The University of Shimane

The University of Shimane

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Shimane University was established as a national university in 1949 and consists of?the Matsue campus and the Izumo campus. On the Matsue campus, we have the Faculty of Law and Literature, the Faculty of Education, the Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science along with specialized Graduate Courses. On the Izumo campus, we have the Faculty of Medicine and its graduate courses. Each faculty has a different history, but we can ultimately trace our roots back to a teacher training college, the previous institution of the Faculty of Education, established in 1876. Shimane University aims to foster students who enjoy international perspectives and can play major roles as leaders in each region of the world by taking advantage of accumulated knowledge, culture, and technologies. Thanks to a high-level curriculum, students are equipped with the ability to cope with diverse problems in modern society. I also believe that anMORE
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