The Liszt Academy of Music

The Liszt Academy of Music

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Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest is the only music academy in the world that was founded by Ferenc Liszt. The piano virtuoso, composer, conductor, teacher, author and philanthropist established the institution in 1875. “Génie oblige!” was his credo: the duty of an artist is to use his gifts for the benefit of humanity and to nurture genuine talent. Teaching at the Academy is rooted in this principle, reflecting the vision of its open and versatile internationally recognised founder, who was years ahead of his time and the straight line can be traced through four generations from Liszt to the Academy’s piano professors of today. The Liszt Academy is proud to nurture the ongoing legacy of world-known Hungarian musicians like Liszt, Bartók, Kodály, Dohnányi, Hubay, Popper, Weiner, Ligeti and Kurtág, all of  whom have shaped our traditions, style and approach.

The main university building located in the historic city centre, the Academy is on the doorstep of Budapest’s


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