The European Law & Governance School

The European Law & Governance School

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The ELGS provides interdisciplinary undergraduate, postgraduate courses and Executive Education courses, with fresh material and a unique design. The range of optional modules and opportunities for student mobility and internships supports a high degree of personalization of studies, enabling students to tailor-make their educational experiences.

Some facts for you to remember:

· We are an International School engaged in shaping the European leaders of the future and the mission to do so in Excellence

· We are blessed to be based in a unique and culturally-rich location in Athens, very student-friendly and with remarkable weather

· Our programs are dedicated and focused in European Law and Global Governance . Specialization is channeled through the student’s choice of elective modules

· We have a network of 100 Renowned professors and practitioners from around the world that visit to teach from the best Universities of the world which we are affiliated with

· We have a network of 30


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