The Bucharest University of Economic Studies

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies

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Master degree study programmes are two years long (120 transferable credit points), and are designed to develop research and professional competences transversal in specialty fields belonging to the fundamental field of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the graduates obtaining qualifications with a high degree of specialization. The structure of Master’s study programmes provides students with more individual flexibility and promotes national and international mobility through the implementation of study modules. It also offers the possibility of interaction between studies and professional life. In the academic year 2012-2013, the BUES offered 54 professional Master’s programmes, with a total of 3,050 places, 30 research Master’s programmes, with a total of 1,920 places, 4 MBA programmes with a total of 200 fee-paying places. The BUES organizes university doctoral studies in two fundamental fields: Economic Sciences and Legal Sciences. The doctorate has two components: theMORE
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