Tashkent State Technical University named by Islam Karimov

Tashkent State Technical University named by Islam Karimov

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Tashkent State Technical University (TSTU) offers 56 bachelor degree and 66 master degree programs at 60 departments of 8 faculties, which are among the one of the leaders in the national subject ranking in Uzbekistan. Students can join undergraduate programs in a wide range of disciplines, from the technical sciences (energy, machine building, mechanics, mining, gas and oil, electronics and automation, nanotechnology, biotechnology, mechatronics and robotics) through to humanities, management, economy. Students can also select from several joint degree programs with Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus. 

The international admission period runs during the summer for the current academic year. International applicants register at (TSTU) the dedicated website, and prospective students must pass foreign language test in advance.  The application process is broadly the same for international and national students, and the university accepts school qualifications from many


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