Sunchon National University

Sunchon National University

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Sunchon National University was founded in 1935 as ‘Sunchon Public Agriculture School’ when U-Seok Kim Jong Ik donated a special land as an academic venue to cultivate talents and inspire national consciousness.
It then was renamed to Sunchon Agricultural Middle School (1946), Sunchon Agricultural High School (1951), Sunchon Agricultural Technical High School (1965), Sunchon Agricultural Polytechnic (1973) followed by an elevation to Sunchon Agricultural College in 1979 registering as a tertiary education institute.
In 1982, it fully fledged into a four-year university, starting anew with ten departments. In 1987, it established graduate schools and evolved into a full four-year university with five colleges in 1991. Graduate School of Education (1993), Graduate School of Industries (1994), Graduate School of Business & Public Administration (1995) and Graduate School of Information & Science (1996) opened up in series and doctor’s course was newly added in 1994.

In 2002,


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