Shinshu University

Shinshu University

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Shinshu University is a comprehensive national university having 8 faculties and 8 graduate schools as follows: the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, and the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology.
A wide range of education and research is carried out on the campuses at Matsumoto, Nagano, Ueda, and Ina, with a total number of staff of 1,100 and a total number of students of about 11,000 (including about 300 foreign students).
Organic collaboration between the various departments is carried out utilizing the advantages of a comprehensive university, to achieve world level advanced and innovative education and research.
Also, based in the rich natural environment looking out onto the grand Alps group, which are referred to as the “roof of Japan”, we are deepening collaboration with the local community and industry to contribute to society as a center of innovation andMORE
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