Seikei University

Seikei University

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Seikei Gakuen started out as the Seikei Jitsumu Gakko, established in 1912 by Haruji Nakamura, based on educational principles aimed at the development of character and respect for each individual’s unique personality. He opposed the regimented education system of his time, and in order to realize his educational principles, he focused on education in small classes, which encourages close interaction between teachers and students. Seikei University has inherited and maintains the founding spirit by continuing to require intensive small-sized seminar classes, where students receive individual guidance from faculty members.
Seikei University now aims to nurture graduates capable of contributing in the wide range of issues facing society in the 21st century, with expertise and extensive knowledge. In order to fulfil this mission, we have set the following educational goals:
• Nurture students’ sensitivity and humanity, which allows them to have an open attitude towards diversity;
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