School of Human Sciences

School of Human Sciences

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The Universidade Católica Portuguesa was created in 1967, with the Faculty of Philosophy as the first department. Their headquarters in Lisbon were opened in 1968, and the university was recognised by the state in 1971. The university consists of 15 faculties, schools, and institutes, located in four main centers: the Lisbon headquarters, as well as centers in Braga, Oporto and Viseu.

It is the first modern Portuguese university not to be founded by the state, and is a result of the Concordat between the Portuguese government and the Vatican, who established the university under the direction of the Catholic Church. The Catholic faith is a guiding force in the mission of the university, aiming to integrate knowledge with Catholic doctrine, promoting a continuous dialogue between faith and reason.

The School of Human Sciences, based in the Lisbon headquarters, is one of the largest schools in the university, reflecting their commitment to a liberal arts education. The School offers 23


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