Samarkand State University

Samarkand State University

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Samarkand State University plays great role in recognizing as a centre of science and culture for all over the world. Nowadays SamSU is one of the oldest and largest higher educational establishments, though it was officially inaugurated as the University beginning of the 20th century but it’s roots go back down to the Ulughbek’s period. Samarkand State University begins from Ulughbek’s period (15th century).In 30th the University was turned into Uzbek Pedagogical Academy named after Akmal Ikromov and since 1933 it had been called the Uzbek State University. In 1941 when the 500th anniversary of the famous uzbck poet and thinker Alisher Navoi was celebrated the university was titled after his name. Well-known national enlighteners Abdurauf Fitrat, Gazi Olim Yusupov, Saidrasul Azizi joined M. Abdukasimov. V.Abdullaev, I. Muminov, M. Sobirov, U. Tursunov, R. Iskandarov, A. Yakubov, J. Kabulov and others were educated at this institution.

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