Russian State University for the Humanities

Russian State University for the Humanities

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Russian State University for the Humanities grew out of Moscow State Institute for History and Archives. Its official birthday is 27 March 1991. The first round of admissions into RSUH took place in 1991. Despite its comparatively young age, RSUH has come to be one of the best among the most respected universities of the country, having emerged as of the leading educational and research centers in Russia. Our University was the first in the country to combine the words “Russian” and “humanities” in its name. We are proud and honored to bear this title, ever striving to further affirm our status. The progress we have made is recognized both within the country and abroad. In all the past years RSUH has been one of the most sough-after institutions among the prospective students. And we feel obliged not just to preserve but also to develop and enrich the legacy with which we enter the third decade of our history.
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