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Riga Stradins University (Latvia) is one of the leading and most advanced higher education teaching institutions in the Baltic region. The RSU teaching staff are professionals in their areas of expertise and are opinion leaders in the society. Our mission is to train highly qualified experts in the field of healthcare and social sciences, so they can serve the society of Latvia, the European Union, as well as the world.

Diplomas issued by RSU are recognised in the European Union and the European Economic Area, and will open doors to interesting professions and excellent job opportunities.

RSU offers a student oriented culture and and individual approach as studies take place in small groups of 12, and even undergrads are taught by distinguished professors as the teacher-student ratio at RSU stands at 1:10.

Study programmes offered in English:

  • Medicine – MD degree;
  • Dentistry – DDS degree;
  • Nursing – BSc degree;
  • Rehabilitation – Bsc degree; qualification Occupational Therapist or


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