Rafik Hariri University

Rafik Hariri University

P.O. Box:10 - Damour, Chouf 2010-Lebanon Mechref View map





Rafik Hariri University, located in the beautiful Mechref village of Damour city, is a leading university in Lebanon. Since its establishment in  September 1999, RHU has preserved the legacy of the man behind the institution in providing quality higher education that pushes boundaries beyond what seems possible.

Rafik Hariri University, whose aim is to provide affordable, high quality education and to supply knowledgeable and competent graduates to meet Lebanese and regional job market demands, became a reality and opened its doors for the first time on September 15, 1999, with the College of Business Administration, according to Presidential Decree 1947. It opened with a student population of 75. After its Colleges of Engineering and Science and Information Systems were established, RHU was granted university status on June 19, 2006, by Decree Number 1719.

More than 100 faculty members from different nationalities with broad academic and industrial experience.

RHU is made up of


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