Politecnico di Bari

Politecnico di Bari

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The Politecnico di Bari is an Italian public University offering scientific and technological programs. The university focuses on perspective architects, engineers and industrial designers and offers all levels academic qualifications: Bachelors, Master’s, Ph.D.’s as well as I and II level Postgraduate courses.

The university now has approximately 11,000 enrolled students in different locations in Bari, Foggia and Taranto. The research activities, both basic and applied, are organized in the Departments and Research Centres of the University. Particular attention is devoted to basic research, which is essential not only for the evolution of scientific thought but also for the ability, over time, to affect deeply the reality. With the applied research devoted to the study of topics in greater operational value or more direct interest to organizations and businesses, instead pursues the objective of updating and give scientific content management activities of companies and institutions.

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