Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

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The oldest university of economics in Russia – Plekhanov Russian University of Economics – celebrates its 110th anniversary from its foundation.

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, established by Russian manufacturers and entrepreneurs in the beginning of the XX century, has become the first in Russia University specialized in Economics and laid the foundations of Russian national school of economic education. Since the moment of its formation until today the institution has made the long way during the whole time of its existence it was playing an important role not only in the sphere of education but in life of the country in general, including the most challenging periods of its existence, during the years of wars, revolutions and social and economical shocks.

Over 175 thousand specialists have graduated from the University since its establishment, including leading scientists, the government members, well-known politics and economists, the State Duma of the Russian


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