Parahyangan Catholic University

Parahyangan Catholic University

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Parahyangan Catholic University (is known as UNPAR), is one of the oldest private universities in Indonesia. It is located in Bandung, West Java. UNPAR commits the activities based on the universal values of Catholic beliefs, as follows: high commitment to human dignity; high dedication to the validity of science; integrity in every field of science with moral, spiritual, and religious dimensions; deep participated in cultural development; and wholehearted devotion to the community.UNPAR uses Semester Credit Units (Satuan Kredit Semester) as a learning system both for diploma III and postgraduate programs. By using this system, students are encouraged to plan their own study developmentby themselves. As a matter of course, the academic advisor (the lecturer) helps the students with their study planning.The success of students in a certain semester determines their academic rights and obligations to plan their study in the next semester. Self-discipline and the students’ sense ofMORE
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