Oman Medical College OMC

Oman Medical College OMC





Oman Medical College (OMC) is the first
private Health Sciences College in Oman
established in 2001. The College offers a
7 year M.D (Doctor of Medicine) and a 5
year B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

Oman Medical College aspires to be a premier academic health sciences
institution that is recognized for excellence in education, research, and
community service endeavors
Oman Medical College (OMC) Foundation prepares post secondary level students to succeed in programs offered by Oman
Medical College and College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Conforming to the Oman Academic Standards for the
General Foundation Programs, the OMC Foundation program addresses four key areas required for academic success:
English, IT, Mathematics and Study Skills. In addition to these modules, the program also addresses the specific language
needs of health sciences students.
Students who are admitted into OMC programs are given placement tests in English, Math and IT during the Orientation


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