Nihon University

Nihon University

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Nihon University, one of the oldest private universities in Japan, whose name derives from a Japanese word “Nihon” meaning “JAPAN”, is of incomparable size for a Japanese university. Its forerunner, Nihon Law School was founded by Count Akiyoshi Yamada, the first Minister of Justice of the Meiji Government in 1889, the 22nd year of Meiji. As the largest private university in Japan, Nihon University provides broad range of fields of study. The university has 16 colleges and 87 departments, 20 postgraduate schools, 1 junior college which is composed of 5 departments, 1 correspondence division, 32 research institutes and 3 hospitals. Nihon University, made up of characteristic departments, colleges and schools, has turned out a lot of competent graduates who play significant roles in the progress of society by exerting its universality as one of the scale advantages and providing education through effective and efficient collaborations among colleges, departments and schools.


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