National Research Saratov State University

National Research Saratov State University

411012 83, Astrakhanskaya street, Saratov, Russia Saratov View map






Saratov State University founded in 1909, is one of Russia’s oldest classical universities which meets the highest standards. The Saratov State University integrates centuries-old traditions of Russian science, cut-ting-edge information and innovation technologies, applied and fundamental research. Being the largest scientific educational center not only in Saratov but in Volga region in April 2010 the SSU was awarded the status of a National Re-search University within the Russian Government sponsoring program. The University implements main educational programs of all levels, conserves the best practices of Russian higher education in terms of scientific and educational innovational activity, improves the system of continuous education (secondary – higher – post-university education), develops the system of extra-professional education in the frames of “Lifelong Learning” concept.

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