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Narxoz University

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Narxoz University became as one of the first universities in Kazakhstan that initiated proceeding to a strategic planning. The main cause of the proceeding derived from requirements of the university stockholder with a primary purpose to modify a new management system into a modern standard of effective management.


  • Strategic changes of the infrastructure
  • Transition to break-even
  • Analysis of business processes


  • Strengthening strategic cooperation with key stakeholders
  • Meantime, Narxoz University became the first grant holder of Tempus project among Central Asian universities
  • Narxoz university became a platform for serial workshops for academia communities to reforming higher education. The first steps of the reforming process began from testifying faculty on university strategic development


  • Rebranding and getting back the historical title “Narxoz”
  • Anti-corruption directed policy of the strategic planning
  • Functioning external academic consulting team with the purpose of identifying problems and perspective university development
  • First steps were to create additional spaces for students


  • Restart managerial and educational processes at the university
  • Responsibility delegation by schools
  • Alteration of business processes and optimization of educational programs
  • Monitoring and assessment with the goal of development of potential faculty members
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