Namik Kemal University

Namik Kemal University

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Namik Kemal University was founded in Tekirda? according to 2809 numbered and March 28, 1983 dated Higher Education Institutional Law / 5467 numbered and March 3, 2006 dated Act-Additional 1st and 62nd Article. Namik Kemal University performed the early practices of its structuring period within Trakya University Rectorate , and then within Namik Kemal University Training Hotel. The Rectorate served in the old municipalty building in the center of Tekirda? in November-2007 and since January-2008, it has been serving in Faculty of Agriculture Deanship Building in Degirmenalti Campus. MISSION: Namik Kemal University has adopted a university model which is internationally advanced in education and training, science and technology, and contributes to the state’s economy, gives great importance to research and integrates with the public. VISION: Namik Kemal University renovates itself in terms of technology, information and human resources. It gives importance to quality, creates


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