Myongji University

Myongji University

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Myongji University as a prestigious private Christian institution had produced nearly 100,000 acting intellectuals since its establishment in 1948. Outstanding individuals who learned and grew in Myongji following God’s love and will advanced to all walks of life and had become solid grains of Korean and global development. Myongji University has become a cradle for practical humanism over past half century, and is operating various and practical globalization programs while having exchange with 150 universities in 22 different countries to train 21st century’s global leaders of love and creation. Myongji University is equipped with top-notch faculty, curriculum, and cutting edge educational facilities for all our students to abundantly enjoy the opportunities of experiencing world and stepping forward to the world. Nation’s best architecture educational facility, Architecture, gleaning with accreditation, Engineering and Administration Colleges, and superb departments keepingMORE
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